New ticket request can be made a few different ways. The portal is the main station here you can submit a ticket, check the status of that ticket, find helpful tips and tricks to your reason for requesting a ticket. 

The next option for submitting a ticket is by sending a email to our support desk by using ( 

or  In the email use subject line to express what type of service you may need help with. Example - I need help downloading updates -  then in the email give a simple  breif explanation into the issue. At a later follow up an agent will request more details as needed to help. The reason why it's better to be breif but clear about your request email is so it can be reviewed then sent to the best department or person that can best handle your request. Once email is sent you will then receive a confirmation that we received it along with your ticket number and a link to use that will bring you directly to the portal were you can check the status of a ticket at any time during the process. Please allow tickets up to 72 hours to be reviewed then resolved before calling.  

Boston's 617 Room Portal Help Desk